Bill Clinton Was Gay Because He Liked Women...HUH?

A Gradiation Of "Too Easy"

Making fun of your average liberal: Shooting fish in a barrel.

Making fun of Ward Churchil and the rest of the "hate America first" crowd: Shooting fish in a barrel with a shotgun.

Making fun of George Bush saying "I'd rather be right than popular" :Tossing a hand grenade into a goldfish bowl.

Making fun of darn near anything Ann Coulter says: Oh, gods, I don't know. Dropping an a-bomb on a herring which has a hardcore bondage fetish and had forgotten its safeword?

But as I noted in a previous post, I'm darn lazy.

Sullivan points us to this Wonkette article, in which Ann Coulter insists Clinton is likely gay.

Yawn, you say. Everyone knows Hilary wears comfortable shoes.

No, no. Not Hilary.

Chelsea? Again, you always kind of suspected...

No, not her either.



Yes, Bill. The man who risked the presidency to bonk an intern of middling attractiveness and whose fundamental legacy is a semen-stained dress. (Which, if it had been his dress, might be considered evidence in support of the thesis, but it wasn't.) The man whose path to the Oval Office was strewn with all manner of cast-off lovers. Indeed, while right-wing kooks claimed Clinton was everything for a murderer to a satanist to a Soviet double-agent (yes, they did. Really.), I can't recall one who said he was gay.

But Ann Coulter, who also believes in "Intelligent Design", thinks he's gay.

How do we know he's a witchhh^h gay?

Because he (a man) likes to have sex with women.

If one needed any more evidence that Ann Coulter is a Bizarro who somehow managed to learn to say "I" instead of "Me", this is the proof. Only on the cube-shaped world of Htrae would "being gay" mean "wanting to have sex with people of the other gender".


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  1. Robert Mueller says:

    The Paris Hilton of political debate squawks again...

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