Those Who Do Not Study History...

...Are Condemned To Get It Wrong.

(Picked this up from Andrew Sullivan's blog; had to share)

It seems the CWA, one of the most censor-happy organizations out there, is on yet another crusade, this time to 'protect' the Pledge of Alleigance from assorted commies and atheists. Their mass mailing claims that:

Our country's founding fathers were men of faith who intentionally included the phrase 'under God' in an oath that serves as a symbol of loyalty and patriotism to our great country.

Well, uhm, nope.

The pledge was written in 1892 by a socialist minister. The phrase 'under God' was added by Congress in 1954. In other words, not only was the pledge not remotely concocted by the founders of America, it was a)Written by a godless commie pinko subversive, and, b)lacked the words 'Under God' for about as long as it has had them.

This kind of idiocy is, frankly, pretty typical for the CWA and other groups. They live in a world which intersects with reality only rarely. They know their donors are pretty much uneducated and react with emotion, not thought, so they feel free to blatantly lie in order to evoke a response and rake in some bucks.


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