Video Games "As dangerous as smoking"

This is another one of those things which I am forced to begin with "As if you needed more proof that...". It's a tired cliche, and I hate it like the plague. (Badum-BUM!) Unfortunately, cliches become cliches because, well, they work.


As if you needed more proof that the goal of those who want to "protect" society is to rule it, we now have the utterly ludicrous assertion, from the Usual Suspects, that playing video games is as dangerous "to society" as smoking -- and thus, one presumes, in need of the same overarching and controlling regulation, along with, natch, oodles of government funding to conduct more "studies". Never mind that crime rates have been plummeting even as the violence in video games has been rising. Never mind that while people riot -- really riot, with real blood, death, and pain -- at sporting events or rap concerts, there has never been a riot at a Million Man LAN or E3. Never mind that "society" does not exist, and thus, cannot be "threatened" or "endangered". Never mind all those, ahem, inconvenient truths. Video games have been allegedly shown to cause "aggression", and that's bad. We must all be good little subservient drones. Aggression means people might decide to fight back -- or at least whine loudly -- when their rights are trampled. A generation raised on games where a lone hero battles impossible odds to achieve victory over a numerically superior, but morally inferior, force might, indeed, decide to take that lesson with them into the real world.

No one will learn how to shoot a gun by playing "Doom". But they might -- just might, mind you, and I'm not really counting on it -- learn that there are times when shooting a gun is the only way to solve a problem -- and that is what the control freaks fear the most.

As a side note, if research on tobacco is as shoddy as research on video games -- and I have no reason, now, to believe it isn't -- I might as well take up smoking a pipe. It'll make me look cool, right?


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