God Makes People Have Babies!

Or some such. At least, that's the impression I get from this article, which says the problem with atheism (and with women's equality and the rise of the secular state in general) is that the Islamists are breeding like rabbits; therefore, one presumes, we must all believe in God and start frantically making the beast with two backs. (But only if babies will be the result). The only way to stop the Islamist hordes is to breed more Christian Soldiers to fight them! Yeah, right. (I seem to be saying that a lot lately, but really, there's not much else to say when confronted with ideas this bad. It's not like you can rationally argue against such a premise; all you can do is point and jeer.)

One thing I have noticed, however, is that more and more 'proofs' of the existence of gods are consequentialist. That is, the author doesn't do much to prove there is a god, but rather argues that belief is necessary for social reasons. This is, I suppose, an honestly cynical point of view, and places such apologists squarely on the same side of the issue as Karl Marx -- he, too, argued that religion existed solely for the maintenance of the social order. The only distinction is that the consequentialists approve of the social order and he didn't; both, it seems, do not actually believe in any gods. (Well, Marx inarguably created his own religion, one which, like all religions, consists of false prophecies and real corpses.)

Radical Islam is, of course, just as, if not often more, evil than fundamentalist Christianity, and many essays on this blog say as much. However, unreason is not defeated by greater unreason; the problem with Islam is not that they believe in the wrong god, but that they, like Mr. Metcalf, oppose the Enlightenment and all the good that came with it. It does not matter if the enemy of liberty carries a cross or a crescent;it does not matter if the books are burned because they dispute the Koran or the Bible. The great ideological battle of the 21st century is not between faith and faith, but between faith and reality. In the long run, reality always wins; what remains to be seen is if humanity picks the right side.

(As a quick PS, I find it interesting Mr. Metcalf is quick to dismiss any parts of the Bible with which he personally disagrees as 'abrogated'; on that basis, he and I are alike in kind, but differ merely in degree...)


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