US Government Saves You From Low Gas Prices

Your tax dollars at work, folks!

Before the Usual Suspects rush forward to defend this nonsense, answer me this: Do you honestly believe it is probable, or even possible, that selling gas a few cents below what other people are selling it for will be sufficient to eliminate all competition and then allow monopoly pricing? Remember that the instant you start overcharging, you create a niche for competitors to rush back in -- and if you keep undercharging to put them out of business, sooner or later (mostly sooner) you run out of money.

And if you do believe this, would you consider helping me out investing this 50 million dollars I have stored in a foreign bank?

The editorial linked to is correct -- the laws as they currently stand are outdated, wrongheaded, and irrational. Can anyone point to a significant case in recent history where a company managed to lose money on sales long enough to drive out ALL competition, then managed to raise prices to levels unjustified by the market, and retain these high prices for any period of time? Do not include, obviously, any company with a government-granted monopoly. (Like, say, the Post Office or most cable companies.)


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